Sunday, November 23, 2008

Whole-y Goodness, Batman!

I am having so much fun making my GREEN SMOOTHIES! I feel like my body is on the mend as I'm shedding some weight, sleeping better, enjoying more energy and feel my mood is vastly improved.

I am on Thyroid meds - but it even feels like they're working better than before.

One of the things I'm noticing about the weight I'm's hard to describe, but I'll seems to be visceral fat. By that, I mean, deep layers under the skin, like back fat along the bra-line area and odd bulges here and there that seemed they would never leave my body, seem to be smoothing out! Love it!

One of my favorite smoothies right now....

Mango, peeled
Parsley, whole bunch
Fresh/filtered Water

Whir it up and drink it down! Holy Goodness, Batman! (or should that be Whole-y Goodness?)


Parsley, whole bunch
Chard, leaf or two
Pineapple, cup frozen or fresh

Blend and slurp it down!

Another odd thing I notice is the way it's difficult to take the time and savor the flavors. As soon as I put the edge of a glass of green goodness to my lips, my body seems to command that I drink deeply from the glass....draining it almost as quickly as I filled the glass from the blender. It's some sort of deep rooted need to fill the mineral deprived cells of my body. It's a very tribal urge!

Life is good and green right now and I'm looking forward to the journey to a better, healthier body!

For now, Cheers! Peace and Green Eating (or Drinking)!

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