Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Raw Ceasar Salad Dressing!

Raw Caesar Salad Dressing
1/4-1/3 cup raw PUMPKIN SEEDS
2 tbsp. OLIVE OIL
juice of one MEYER LEMON
1 tbsp. AGAVE NECTAR (or Honey)
1/2 tsp. CUMIN
1/2 tsp. SEA SALT (or Himalayan Pink Salt - my fave)

Put every thing in the blender and blend. It will be thick - add a bit of water to get it to your desired consistency. You can also use an immersion blender. Toss with your favorite salad fixings and indulge. This is a very DELISH DISH!

Peace & Green Eating!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Zucchetti - not your average everyday Spaghetti!

Zucchetti is like Spaghetti... only much better! Zucchetti is ALIVE with flavor and nutrients! My son and husband LOVE LOVE LOVE Zucchetti!

It's an easy and very quick Raw meal!

First - take your organic RAW Zucchini and grate it into lovely, long noodle-like strips. I use the large grating side on my cheese grater & it works great. Pile your 'noodles' up in a dish.

Second - take out your blender. Put in cherry or grape tomatoes (about 2 cups, but you'll have to eyeball it to meet your serving needs). I also used a combination of red and yellow sweet tomatoes this time.

Third - add to the blender, 2 tsp. Olive Oil (extra virgin best, but any will do), and your seasonings. Season to taste. I used a bit of fresh Rosemary and some dried Oregano.

Fourth - whir, whir, whir the blender until your preferred smoothness.

Fifth - pour Tomato 'Sauce' over the Zucchetti!

Add a salad and DINNER IS SERVED! The kids will LOVE this! Bon Apetite!

Peace & Green Eating! Slendie

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Hot Pink Smoothie! (tastes like strawberry kool-aid)

I posted the recipe late last year - but no pictures. Here's the recipe again along with the hot pink photos of this marvalous tasty drink. My son asks for it often!

Fresh COCONUT WATER (from a young coconut)
Half a BEET (yes, raw!)
One CARROT (yes, yes, raw!)
Frozen STRAWBERRIES (raw, raw, raw!!!)
A bit of AGAVE, if you desire a bit more sweetness.

Whir, whir, whir in the blender and then BLISS out on this healthy treat!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


It's smooth, creamy, cool & DELICIOUS!

It's also incredibly NUTRI-TIOUS!

SuperKid & Magic Man not only love it, but often ask for it! Now, you may worry that Avocados contain a lot of fat. Yes, they do....but it's good-for-you fat!

There is a HUGE difference between cooked fats and RAW fats. RAW FATS such as Avocados, Coconut, Nuts, Olives and Seeds are critical to a healthy diet because they contain ANTIOXIDANTS. In the RAW, they contain oils that help the heart, lungs, arteries, nervous system, liver, skin, bones & joints....just to name a few. We all want those, right?

Additionally, your body knows exactly how to process and what to do with these excellent RAW fats. So, get over it! Let it go! Eat up and be healthy!

Here's the recipe - it's easy & has a very quick clean up! All you do is rinse the blender - DONE!

Recipe ~
2 Avocados (not overly ripe, just ripe, or just about to be ripe)
2 cups fresh Water
2 tsp. Olive Oil (your choice, if you can find raw olive oil, all the better)
1 fresh Lime (squeezed)
1 med. Garlic Clove (make sure it's fresh!)
2-4 sprigs of flat leaf Italian Parsley
1 med. leaf raw (uncooked) Chard (or Kale)
4 small Spinach leaves
large Pinch fresh Paprika (or Sweet, Smoked Paprika - our FAVE!)
1 tsp. (or to taste) Chipotle powder (adjust to taste)

Place all these RAW delicious ingredients into your blender and liquefy! Pour into cups and garnish with chopped grape tomatoes & sprig of Cilantro or Parsley. You can also put the Chipotle on the table for anyone wanting a bit more kick. (Now, the basic recipe does not have the Chard, Spinach or Parsley - so you can do it without those if you like. But, I figured it was an easy way to add a few more veggies. It's good both ways, but the flavor is brighter and richer with the added greens. Just be light-handed with the added greens, you don't want to change the base flavor of the Avocado!)

We served this to company one night - they were skeptical, but then tasted it, licked their lips and gorged on it! They LOVED it and asked for seconds! It's a lovely before meal soup or appetizer. I also make it for a quick RAW lunch for myself during the week. SuperKid & Magic Man really like to pair it with a sandwich. Of course, you'll want to eat the soup first, as raw foods vacate your tummy in 10-15 minutes...then you can have your next course.

YUM! Hope you try this and LOVE it!

Peace & Green Eating! Slendie

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Oh, The Raw RAPTURE of Gazpacho!

After SuperKid's yukky stomach virus yesterday, we tried to stay on raw foods today to get him back on an even keel.

He was asking for Gazpacho from Cricket's.....hmmm, I thought....that's certainly RAW! Yea! All those lovely raw veggies that will heal the body - so off to Cricket's we go!

As we sit and eat our soup together, I watch SuperKid roll his eyes and 'hmmm' each mouthful. I realize he's in raw RAPTURE!!!

I am so thankful for all these healing plants that God gave us! They combine perfectly to heal the body. The catch? We have to actually put them in our bodies!

I wish more people would realize the value of raw plant foods. God made these...He gave them to us. They are marvelous and we should all indulge on a daily basis.

A friend at church recently joked, "....it's better than all that weirdo stuff she eats!" I said, "All that weirdo stuff I eat is simply live foods grown by God for us to nourish our bodies with."

She paused....and I could tell she was thinking....really thinking. I hope she comes to a conclusion. I love this woman and she has a brain tumor (non-cancerous, thank God), I dearly want to see her healed!

God can heal. His plants can heal. The decision is up to us. Open wide and heal.....


Peace & Green Eating!

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Blender Full of Healing

My 11 year old son had to stay home from school today. He's sick with some kind of stomach bug - YUK!

So, between his dashes to the bathroom, I've been filling his little tummy with green smoothies! Since he already loves Green Smoothies and drinks one every day, it's been an easy sell. Also, since they're loaded with the natural juices from the veggies & fruit, not to mention the large amounts of water, he's not dehydrated as he would normally be from something like this.

What's great about these smoothies is, since they're liquid nutrients, they are very EASY to digest. In fact, within 10-20 minutes they've vacated your tummy and are already in your intestines where your body devours the raw nutrients! Plus, since it takes very little effort for your body to digest them, your body can turn its energy to healing.

The first one he had today (pictured above) was made of frozen Mango, Carrot, Swiss Chard, Goji Berries, Parsley & fresh Water.

Peace & Green Eating!

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Anatomy of a Green Smoothie!

Well, it's been since January that I blogged here - but never fear(!), I have been faithfully drinking my daily Green Smoothie with few exceptions. I will start regularly posting here again.

To start, I wanted to post photos, start to finish, showing the anatomy of a Green Smoothie!

This one contains: Kale, frozen Pineapple, ripe Banana, squeeze of Lime, fresh Water. Blend until SMOOTH! See pics below!

Even Trilby the Wonder Dog LOVES a bit of Green Smoothie!

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