Wednesday, November 9, 2011

SLENDARELLA Rides again.....

So long since I posted here! Well, I'm going to try and get going again. Here's the scoop....

I've been only about 25% raw over the last several months. And, although I try to eat well, the move to a new house brought new challenges. We have a pool now - which is AWESOME!!! But, it sure makes you hungry...and thus, I've eaten junk most of the summer with my family. Pizza, mostly!

Still, an annual visit to my doctor brought incredible news!!! I'm 13 (THIRTEEN!!!) pounds lighter! My guess is all the swimming and also, this house is two stories, so I've had a lot of incidental stair work!


My doctor was thrilled. But, she wants me to continue the trend and get down to where I should be. I'm facing a 50th (FIFTY!!!!) birthday this month and can't face myself in the mirror. So, I accepted her offer to try and boost my metabolism with some Phentermine. It's a known, safe weight loss pill - prescribed by doctors for well over 30 years. This is not Fen-Phen...this is the SAFE part of that drug, the Phen part. Read about Fenfluramine part, the part that was causing pulmonary hypertension HERE. I'm only taking half the pill, per my doctor's instructions, so I'll avoid any funny, loopy feelings.

Meanwhile, I'm eating healthy, raw and non-raw...however, vegetarian. Well, except for occasional fish, but other than that, vegetarian eating.

Today I took the first half of the pill - feeling fine, energetic. We'll see what the scale says at the end of the week!

I'll put up what I'm eating daily too.

Peace & Green Eating, Slendie
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