Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Smoothie Year!

Well, you may think I've gotten lost in the world of sugar plum fairies and fell off the Green Smoothie wagon! I assure you 'tis not true! I've been very busy with a packed Holiday schedule....whew! Glad to be onto the New Year!

I have managed to keep my Green Smoothies a daily habit - no matter what else I indulged in that day. As a NEW YEAR GIFT to you all, I'm listing some of my favorite GREEN SMOOTHIE RECIPES below. Blend em' up and ENJOY!!!

Peace & Green Eating! Slendie

Mango Tango (my name for it)
Fresh Water (1.5 to 2 cups, depending on your preference)
Mango - whole, peeled, fresh mango (could use frozen, I guess)
Parsley - couple big handfuls

Blend & Imbibe!

Green & Banana all Over (again, my weird name for it)
Fresh Water
Banana - peeled
Zucchini - unpeeled, 3/4 cup - eyeball it
Cucumber - unpeeled, 3/4 cup - eyeball it
Parsley - Italian flat leaf only, handful
Lime - halved & peeled

Whir, whir, whir & slurp it down!

The Green Banana
Fresh Water
Banana - peeled
Swiss Chard - 2 leaves of rainbow, red or green
Parsley - handful

Green Pineapple (blood cleanser)
Fresh Water
Parsley - huge handful or more, depending on your taste buds
Pineapple - frozen or fresh

Green, Green & More Green
Fresh Water
Swiss Chard - big leaf
Zucchini - with peel, 1/3 of it
Cucumber - with peel, 1/3 of it

Fresh Water
Banana or two
Spinach - two to three large handfuls of Baby Spinach
Parsley - a small bit

Goji Green
Fresh Water
Banana or Strawberries (handful)
Swish Chard - two leaves
Goji Berries - handful

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