Monday, November 30, 2009

Junk Food Madness!!!

It has been rough....rougher than rough! My schedule is so busy that not only have my beloved daily GREEN SMOOTHIES gone out the window - but I've been reduced to occasional JUNK FOOD!

NOT NUTRITIOUS! (Danger, Will Robinson!)

And, let's be honest here, it's caused an array of problems. Bad sleep, feeling sluggish, bad moods, mood swings, and...and....

WEIGHT GAIN! *bloat*

I already was trying to lose weight - but NOW I have even more to lose! And, HELLO!, right smack in the middle of the Holiday Season. A time of year that is chock full and brimming with....*droool*.....things that I'd be better off not listing in detail....and yet, I can only think of Pecan Pie, Stuffing, Christmas Cookies, Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows and....STOP!


*deep cleansing breath* Begin again. Yes, I will begin again.

For the last four days I indulged in a giant 48 oz green smoothie! (You thought I was going to say a giant pecan pie, didn't you? It's okay, I understand your suspicions.) This morning was a fresh organic bosc pear, organic fuji apple, deep, green, curly kale! Plenty of YUM & NUTRITION in that!

So - I will get back on the wagon....the Raw Food Wagon, that is. I am not a 100% Raw Foodist, but was up to 80% at one time. I am, however, a 100% Vegetarian. I know no other way to get the full on nutrition that I need while feeling full, healthy and hopeful.


So, here we go again.....Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men & Women!

Peace & Green Eating! Slendie


Ken and Jen Perkes said...

Well, first of all . . . WELCOME BACK!!! You were missed!

And yes, I have definitely fallen off the wagon. I have a friend who is fond of saying that moderation in excess is not a virtue. I have never been accused of moderation: I am either on . . . or off! And when I am off . . . well, you just don't want to know the crazy things I tend to eat!

But what brings me back is that I usually feel so disgusted with myself, unhealthy, bloated, acid stomach, etc. . . . that I soon realize, it is just not worth it. And that first green drink taste better than ANY junk food!

So enjoy and hang in there, keeping us motivated too.


Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm enjoying yours too! One day at a time...

Terri Tiffany said...

Welcome back! This is a hard time of year anyways to lose. I finally weighed myself this am to find I've gained a few pounds--can tell by my clothing. So off for a long walk, ate an apple for my snack but then came lunch and a few carbs-- my addiction. Ugh:)
Can always start again. Hope you do well!

Kristen's Raw said...

Right on! Great job getting back into the healthy foods with your giant green smoothies. Sometimes having a dip at times sure makes you appreciate how awesome healthy living is, eh?


Capt'n Amazing's wife said...

Yeah, you know I'm not 100% raw either but that is the goal. Occasionally when my hubby is craving his cooked goodies and makes some popcorn on the stove then I have some with him. I don't feel bad afterward either. Sometimes after eating cooked food it makes me feel terrible. But I like what Kristen says in her might fall off the wagon several times before you reach your destination. Each time will be a learning experience and will help you to get back on. Then the next times you fall off it will be for less and less time until you realize that you'd rather just stick to it completely!
Give yourself kudos for the good things you do and focus on that instead of the lack. That will help you to have a more positive energy focused on your goal!

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