Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nuts for Young Coconuts !!!

The dry, brown, hairy coconuts you see at the grocery store are not 'Young Coconuts'. Their outside flesh has been stripped off, leaving the shell with the white coconut meat & water inside, to dry to the hardened furry shell we're used to seeing.

When you buy a Young Coconut - they've been skinned only, leaving the white flesh around the shell. See photos at first link below. The shell is MUCH easier to break into this way since it has not yet hardened. Additionally, they say this 'younger' version of the coconut is considered a Live Food - making it rich in minerals!

Click this link to view & read about Young Coconuts:

I've also drained the coconut water & drank with a squirt of lime - truly delicious, refreshing and an excellent drink full of natural electrolytes.

Click this link to see Green Smoothie Girl demonstrate the Hot Pink Smoothie with a Young Coconut Water base:

Notice that Green Smoothie Girl opens her Young Coconuts a bit differently - both ways work and it's an easy open!

Cheers, Peace & Green Eating!



Terri Tiffany said...

I can't believe how much you are experimenting with food! Will you be able to keep eating like this once you lose the weight? Is it a lifetime choice?

Slendarella said...

It is a lifetime choice - a life makeover of sorts. And, I haven't been deprived in any way. Just added the new items (veggies & green smoothies) and cut the meat. I still have a bit of sugar - though I'm watching that and it's been cut back severely.

I'm enjoying it, so it hasn't been hard to make the change. Plus, it's a change I've been contemplating for a year now, so I was ready for it.

I'd reached a point of being sick and tired of feeling and looking sick and tired. It's something I've prayed about and thought about deeply.

AND, I FEEL so much better at this point that there is no turning back! I feel so GOOD!!! YES!

Kasie West said...

AAHHH! It is now as clear to me as the water from a young coconut (which I was very surprised to see was actually very clear). :)

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