Monday, September 8, 2008

Slendarella Dressed in Yella!

...and Green & Orange & all things healthy to eat!

Well, basically, this is my weight loss journey. Welcome! And please feel free to comment....a lot, a whole lot! I'll take it all, good, bad, advice, disagreement --- but no cursing please. I'd like this to be family friendly!

So, the thing is pretty basic. I used to be skinny. Now I'm not. An undiagnosed thyroid problem has played havoc with my body, my energy, my self-esteem and I could go on and on and on. I've been on thyroid medication now for about 4 years, but my weight has continued upward bound! Yikes! And so, what I now propose to do is to write about my experiences as I try to bring myself back to health! Back to life!

How? Well, here's my plan:
Going Vegetarian (which I've already started on & I'm feeling fairly good)
Eating semi-raw & live foods
No alcohol (for a while anyway, I do love a glass of wine)
Yoga (which I've kinda started - more on that later)
Working out & being more active
Getting better sleep
Documenting my experiences here

I'm a playwright & a working performer, a mom and a wife, and it's hard doing these things - especially the performing - while overweight...I mean pudgy....I mean chubby.....okay, let me get honest and just say it...FAT!

It's time for a change. It's time for a comeuppance! Yes, I had...have thyroid issues. But I will not accept this weight or this way of living. It's time to reveal the new me...peel the onion, break away from the ordinary way of living with 'I wish' and get on with the extraordinary way of living with I DID IT, I AM, I SUCCEEDED, I HAVE RECLAIMED MY STATUS AS A TRUE....


And...YES, I know it should probably be spelled 'slenderella'....but that wasn't available, so Slendarella it is!

Join me on my journey! Let me know your thoughts, your struggles, your successes and what worked for you or your friend or your friend's friend. You get the picture!

Can I get a big 'GO GIRL' ?!


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