Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Staying the Course!

It's a day by day thing....but I'm actually enjoying it so far. This seems different this time...from the times before. All the times in the last 8 years that I tried to get my healthy self back. Something in my gut tells me I'm on the right track this time and I'm thrilled about that!

So, here's what I've been doing:

  • Daily Yoga Practice: right after I get my kid off to school, on an empty stomach. I love the time to work on myself in a non-jarring way. All the lovely breathing, stretching, posing, meditating ~ it really does do a body good! I feel elongated, graceful and lovely after each session. My neck feels like it's growing longer and more elegant. My spine feels realigned and flowing. My energy feels up and I can feel radiant! I've been using the Ana Brett Kundalini Yoga DVD's. I'm still new at Yoga - very! - but will share more about the DVD's I'm using in a future post.

  • Daily Green Smoothies: this morning I had one with Avocado, Parsley, Spinach & Lemon. The Avocado made it smoother and more blended than previous smoothies. It was good, more veggie tasting, but good. I have been drinking one immediately after doing Yoga. For some reason, I feel like my body can really soak up the green goodness after all that deep breathing and stretching.

  • Eating Vegetarian: I've been meat free for three weeks now! I told my family they can eat meat during the day, but it's not for me anymore. And, I told them that I would be cooking purely vegetarian for dinner. So, for dinner each night, I prepare a lovely vegetarian meal for my family. My husband and son have been very supportive and have eaten and praised each meal. I'm lucky that they pretty much eat whatever I put in front of them.
How am I feeling? Great - so much better than three weeks ago!

How am I sleeping? Fantastic - I had no idea it was possible to sleep through the night! It is, it is!

Peace & Green Living (& eating) to you and yours!


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MichaƩle said...

Congrats on your hard work! My two daughters (13 and 15) have been vegetarians for two years now. It's been an adjustment but I enjoy supporting them in their beliefs and I have learned alot about cooking vegetarian meals.

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