Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Whew - IKE Sure Blew Me Off Course!

I live in Houston and IKE blew in and blew me off course!

It's impossible to make daily Green Smoothies when there is no electricity to run the blender!!! In fact, scrounging for food became the daily ritual. With grocery stores and restaurants closed, and food from the fridge piled into a melting cooler if ice....it was difficult to even eat properly! We combined our food with neighbors and friends (who had gas ovens to cook it on - we have electric) and had to eat what we could all cobble together.

It was hard. It was disheartening. I was blown off course.


With the electricity back on (at least at my house - not all of Houston has it yet), I've been back on the blended Green Smoothie trail! And what a trail I'm blazing!

Feel the heat - feel the sizzle - feel the burn, baby, burn!

slendie ~

1 comment:

Kristen's Raw said...

WOW! So sorry to hear about your struggles... but glad to know you're back! Yay for green smoothies!!!

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