Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What is Going On Around Here?!?

3 people today told me my skin was glowing! A woman a couple of nights ago asked me what my skin regime was or did I just have great DNA. My husband keeps saying, "you're so beautiful! Your skin is so soft."


Oh, must be the Yoga....the Green Smoothies....the raw Veggie eating....the sleeping through the night! My, oh, my! I may have found the secret to the Fountain of Youth!

I am enjoying the Yoga so very much! It is so....centering. That's the only word that comes to mind. And eating all the lovely veggies...I feel like I'm feeding myself LIFE! I'm eating LIFE everyday and it tastes sooooo gooood!

I don't think I mentioned before - but I also gave up all alcohol. Not that I'm a drunk or anything, but I do enjoy a glass of wine now and then. But, I thought in the interest of detoxing, getting healthy and healing my body, I should fore go it for now.

Okay....what's the math? Well, so far I've shunned the scale. Scales SCARE me...at least in the last 8 years they have. But, I know what I weighed at my last OB/GYN appt. last November.....and I know what I weighed when I went to to the doctor's in August for a bad case of laryngitis! But....I'm scared...oh, so scared to tell you all. It's a BIG number....VERY BIG!!! But I know I have to get honest and I can track the math of the situation here on the blog.....SOoooo......

SO....in my next post I'll list my weight from the summer, and I'll go weigh to see what it is now. It's only been about 3 weeks, but I feel less bloated. Maybe I've lost a few little pounds.


So, thanks for stopping by and check back in a day or so......

Peace & Green Eating.....



Moxymama said...

Hi! Just wanted to wish you luck and encouragement with your weight loss journey. I started exercising 4-5 times a week in April and just tried to start eating more healthy and less. It's amazing what a few small changes make here and there.
I was a vegetarian for about 2 years and honestly it was probably the best I ever felt. I don't eat a lot of meat now, but I do eat some. I sometimes think I might go back to eating no meat.
Anyway, good luck with the weight loss and thanks for stopping by my blog.

Joanne said...

Yoga sounds so relaxing, something I've always wanted to try. I'm with Moxy on the diet, many veggies, some meat but not much. Good luck, and thanks for visiting my blog as well!

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