Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Blender Full of Healing

My 11 year old son had to stay home from school today. He's sick with some kind of stomach bug - YUK!

So, between his dashes to the bathroom, I've been filling his little tummy with green smoothies! Since he already loves Green Smoothies and drinks one every day, it's been an easy sell. Also, since they're loaded with the natural juices from the veggies & fruit, not to mention the large amounts of water, he's not dehydrated as he would normally be from something like this.

What's great about these smoothies is, since they're liquid nutrients, they are very EASY to digest. In fact, within 10-20 minutes they've vacated your tummy and are already in your intestines where your body devours the raw nutrients! Plus, since it takes very little effort for your body to digest them, your body can turn its energy to healing.

The first one he had today (pictured above) was made of frozen Mango, Carrot, Swiss Chard, Goji Berries, Parsley & fresh Water.

Peace & Green Eating!

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Ken & Jen said...

Yummm! I want one right now! I have to admit, today was a day that I just didn't think I could EAT another bite of salad. But I never grow tired of green smoothies. I need a blender at work!

You're a good Mom, Slendarella.


Terri Tiffany said...

I can't believe the stuff you put in them!
Good luck with your mammogram too! Always makes me a little nervous.

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