Friday, April 10, 2009

Oh, The Raw RAPTURE of Gazpacho!

After SuperKid's yukky stomach virus yesterday, we tried to stay on raw foods today to get him back on an even keel.

He was asking for Gazpacho from Cricket's.....hmmm, I thought....that's certainly RAW! Yea! All those lovely raw veggies that will heal the body - so off to Cricket's we go!

As we sit and eat our soup together, I watch SuperKid roll his eyes and 'hmmm' each mouthful. I realize he's in raw RAPTURE!!!

I am so thankful for all these healing plants that God gave us! They combine perfectly to heal the body. The catch? We have to actually put them in our bodies!

I wish more people would realize the value of raw plant foods. God made these...He gave them to us. They are marvelous and we should all indulge on a daily basis.

A friend at church recently joked, "'s better than all that weirdo stuff she eats!" I said, "All that weirdo stuff I eat is simply live foods grown by God for us to nourish our bodies with."

She paused....and I could tell she was thinking....really thinking. I hope she comes to a conclusion. I love this woman and she has a brain tumor (non-cancerous, thank God), I dearly want to see her healed!

God can heal. His plants can heal. The decision is up to us. Open wide and heal.....


Peace & Green Eating!

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Ken & Jen said...

It is so true! Our bodies were created to be self-healing. All we generally need to do is to sustain them with some of the other goodness that God created for our use. I like what Hippocrates said years ago: "Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food." Great wisdom.

Your blog is a delight, and your gazpacho looks and sounds wonderful! Best wishes to SuperKid for a quick healing!


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