Thursday, April 16, 2009


It's smooth, creamy, cool & DELICIOUS!

It's also incredibly NUTRI-TIOUS!

SuperKid & Magic Man not only love it, but often ask for it! Now, you may worry that Avocados contain a lot of fat. Yes, they do....but it's good-for-you fat!

There is a HUGE difference between cooked fats and RAW fats. RAW FATS such as Avocados, Coconut, Nuts, Olives and Seeds are critical to a healthy diet because they contain ANTIOXIDANTS. In the RAW, they contain oils that help the heart, lungs, arteries, nervous system, liver, skin, bones & joints....just to name a few. We all want those, right?

Additionally, your body knows exactly how to process and what to do with these excellent RAW fats. So, get over it! Let it go! Eat up and be healthy!

Here's the recipe - it's easy & has a very quick clean up! All you do is rinse the blender - DONE!

Recipe ~
2 Avocados (not overly ripe, just ripe, or just about to be ripe)
2 cups fresh Water
2 tsp. Olive Oil (your choice, if you can find raw olive oil, all the better)
1 fresh Lime (squeezed)
1 med. Garlic Clove (make sure it's fresh!)
2-4 sprigs of flat leaf Italian Parsley
1 med. leaf raw (uncooked) Chard (or Kale)
4 small Spinach leaves
large Pinch fresh Paprika (or Sweet, Smoked Paprika - our FAVE!)
1 tsp. (or to taste) Chipotle powder (adjust to taste)

Place all these RAW delicious ingredients into your blender and liquefy! Pour into cups and garnish with chopped grape tomatoes & sprig of Cilantro or Parsley. You can also put the Chipotle on the table for anyone wanting a bit more kick. (Now, the basic recipe does not have the Chard, Spinach or Parsley - so you can do it without those if you like. But, I figured it was an easy way to add a few more veggies. It's good both ways, but the flavor is brighter and richer with the added greens. Just be light-handed with the added greens, you don't want to change the base flavor of the Avocado!)

We served this to company one night - they were skeptical, but then tasted it, licked their lips and gorged on it! They LOVED it and asked for seconds! It's a lovely before meal soup or appetizer. I also make it for a quick RAW lunch for myself during the week. SuperKid & Magic Man really like to pair it with a sandwich. Of course, you'll want to eat the soup first, as raw foods vacate your tummy in 10-15 minutes...then you can have your next course.

YUM! Hope you try this and LOVE it!

Peace & Green Eating! Slendie

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mainehopie said...

Hi - I just happened apon your blog, but as a vegan who is just trying to start eating mostly raw, I love the information and the recipes - thanks - it is one of the better raw blogs I have found.

Slendarella said...

THANK YOU! That is very sweet. Tomorrow I'll be posting the Raw Caesar Salad dressing that goes with the salad & the Zucchinetti! Thanks for coming by - please stop by again...and again...and again.... Peace & Green Eating!

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